Shivoleth Nargal

A Bothan Infiltrator/Commando with a penchant for knives


Brawn 3, Agility 2, Intellect 2
Cunning 3, Willpower 2, Presence 2
Wound threshold 15, Strain threshold 15

Soak 6 with Padded Armour worn (and Brawn unenhanced)
Melee defense 2 with Blade Breaker equipped

Athletics 2, Cool 1, Coordination 2
Deception 2, Perception 1, Skulduggery 4
Stealth 3, Streetwise 1, Melee 3
Knowledge (Warfare) 1

Superior Vibroknife w/ Monomolecular Edge: Damage +2, Crit 1, Pierce 4, Vicious 1, Advantage +1
Blade Breaker: Defensive 2, Pierce 1, Sunder
Stun Cloak: Stun 7, Crit 3, Limited 3

Armour Implants (always present) +1 Soak
Stealth Suit: +1 Soak, +1 blue on Stealth rolls
Padded Armour (worn instead of Stealth Suit): +2 Soak


The Nargal family are a noble line of Bothawui: influential power-brokers who prefer to work behind the scenes. Among their distinguished ancestry were rumours of Jedi – never openly confirmed. Power and wealth were to be Shiv’s inheritance, but he never fit the mould: troubled by terrifying premonitions from an early age, he grev isolated and antisocial. Though blessed with the Nargal talent for manipulation, he showed no interest in politics, and was prone to very un-Bothan, violent outbursts. His family, disgusted with his lack of ambition, disinherited him – with this lifeline cut, he shipped out, washing up in the underworld of Coruscant.

Here he fell in with a shady Gran merchant named Poot Strumpo. The pair made a small fortune through blackmail, and lost most of it in Pazaak dens, where Shivoleth became known as “Lucky” Shiv, for his uncanny winning (and losing) streaks, and the vibroknife he carried to get himself out of trouble. Strumpo, seeing his partner’s unnatural perceptive gifts as an opportunity, wasted no time in selling Shiv out to Imperial ‘researchers’ hunting force-sensitives.

Alerted by a gruesome premonition, Shiv narrowly escaped capture and fled, vowing revenge on the double-crossing Gran. Alone and on the run from the Empire, Shiv reluctantly joined forces with the Rebellion when the chance came along. At least this way he could stay out of the Imperial lab, and bide his time until the day came for vengeance…

Shiv bitterly resents the Bothan nobility, the Empire and all forms of establishment. He is short-tempered, trusts no-one, despises all Gran and holds civilised society in contempt. His brutal past has left him with a grim countenance, and an unsettling stare. His Bothan cunning grants a fine-tuned sense for the character flaws of others, and how to exploit them. A rough life in the criminal underworld left him unusually stocky and physical for his race.

Shiv’s allegiance to the Rebellion is one of pragmatism – it gives him a support base and information network, to stay out of the Empire’s clutches and pursue his ultimate goal of tracking down Poot Strumpo, to wreak bloody revenge. His Counter-Intelligence duty is a natural fit for an unscrupulous Bothan, and his second duty of Combat Victory suits his predilection for violence.

Recent History
In the course of recent missions, Shiv has risen to the Alliance rank of Major – an awkward position for one who mistrusts authoritarian hierarchies. These missions placed him several times in brutal combat scenarios, and this experience has further developed his battle prowess and grim demeanour.

A recent encounter with an ancient Jedi Holocron had a strange effect on Shiv’s nascent Force-sensitive abilities. His premonitions, ever disturbing and unreliable, morphed into full-blown hallucination while he was in the presence of the device, triggering an internal metamorphosis that left him with prodigious (though unreliable) physical abilities. The premonitions themselves were seemingly consumed in the process, and have not returned.

Shivoleth Nargal

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